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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Blue Ivy Carter, Beyonce Tumblr Pictures Go Viral, Adorable Baby and Mom [PHOTOS]

Blue Ivy Carter in a crown

Looks like everyone loves a Blue Ivy Carter picture. The adorable baby posed in new photos posted by Beyonce on Tumblr, showing the baby wear a crown in on image and being playful with mom in another.

The 1-year-old Blue Ivy gazed into the camera in her royalty costume while playing dress up, reported The New York Daily News.

Beyonce's little princess has been a fixture for the paparazzi ever since her birth in January 2012, but perhaps the most viral photos of the baby girl are ones posted by her mom on social networks like Tumblr and Instagram.

Recently, rumors that pop star Beyonce may be having a second baby with husband Jay-Z have sparked, with tabloids reporting Blue Ivy will be getting a little sibling soon.

With news outlets like E! claiming the singer is pregnant, friend and CBS anchor Gayle King denied the false rumors. Beyonce also just added more dates to her "Mrs. Carter Show World Tour" this fall, which may be reason to believe the singer is indeed not pregnant.

Check out more Blue Ivy Carter photos on Beyonce's Instagram!

"I think Blue Ivy is totally gorgeous!"
Story by: 
Gabriela Barkho, FashionStyler Reporter

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Welcome their Newest Bundle of KimYe

As you surely know by now, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed their little bundle of KimYe into a world of reality television cameramen and paparazzi this past Saturday. We don’t know her name yet (we’re secretly still pulling for North West), but we do know that,  we are for her new parents.

We definitely wish them the best and all the happiness in the world. 

"Congrats KimYe!"


Monday, 10 June 2013

Apple Unveils iOS 7, 'Biggest Change Since the Original iPhone'

As rumored, iOS 7 has a less skeuomorphic look, with a more flat design and lots of whites tinged with color. That doesn't mean, however, that the new iOS is free from gradient or panache. Instead, it's a more modern take on what makes iOS iOS.

Control Center
New in iOS 7 is a Control Center. It's an area that can be activated from within any app that brings control to Wi-Fi, brightness and other frequently accessed settings.

From Control Center you can access a flashlight, start a song, toggle AirPlay and more.

iOS 7 will bring better multitasking and background processing to all apps. It will monitor which apps you use frequently to help determine which ones need more full-functioning multitasking. When apps send push notifications, for instance, the phone will know to start to give that app background processing so that it will work more quickly and intuitively.

Apple has taken a major cue from webOS (RIP) and added full-previews of running apps for multitasking. No more tiny icons!

Safari for iOS 7 has a new look and feel — more similar to Chrome on iOS, we must say — including a new tabbed view. It also integrates with iCloud Keychain for password management.

The unified search menu, which was removed with iOS 3.0, is back. There is also access to shared links and the reading list improvements shown off with OS X Mavericks.

Tabs are now 3D and fully integrated with iCloud tabs. Users are no longer limited to eight tabs (hooray) and tabs can be reordered or removed with a swipe.

Apple is bringing OS X's AirDrop to iOS. AirDrop will let users share photos or files peer-to-peer with other iOS users who are nearby. "No bumping required."

AirDrop will only work on iOS devices running the latest wireless chipsets, meaning the iPhone 5, fourth generation iPad, iPad mini, and the latest iPod touch.

Photos and Camera
The Camera and Photo apps received a major overhaul. Not only is it easier to manage large numbers of photographs, users can now create Shared Photostreams — think group albums — into which other users can post photos as well as share with others.

Users can also share video with iCloud Photostreams in iOS 7.

Visually, the app looks similar to the latest Flickr redesign, is less focused on 4 x 4 grids of thumbnails, and offers users a better look at their photographs.

Siri has a new look and a new voice. Users can choose between male and female voices for Siri. Siri is also getting smarter: It will now pull in data from Twitter, Wikipedia and Bing.

iOS in the Car
Apple is going to bring iOS to the dashboard of your car. Support for iOS in the car will be coming to Honda, Mercedes, Nissan, Chevy, Kia, Volvo, Acura and others.

New App Store
The App Store has a new design and will show apps that are popular nearby, as well as apps popular with your friends. The best part? Your apps now update automatically.

Music and iTunes Radio
The Music app gets the same visual overhaul as the rest of the system but the big feature with music and iOS 7 is iTunes Radio. Think of it as a hybrid between Pandora and Songza, built into iOS.

Users can listen to theme-centric playlists or stations ("Songs for summer") or listen to artist-centric stations. And, like, iTunes Radio keeps track of all the stuff you listen to across iTunes, Apple TV and on iOS 7.

It's free with ads, though iTunes Match subscribers get it free without ads.

Notification Sync

Audio-only Facetime

Weibo Integration in China

Per-app VPN for Enterprise

Plus more than 1500 APIs, support for third-party game controllers, new multitasking APIs.

Apple is also introducing a feature called Activation Lock, which will prevent a thieves from activating your iPhone on another network unless they know your iCloud password.

Coming This Fall
Developers will have access to iOS 7 on Monday and it will hit iOS devices this fall.