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Friday, 28 August 2015

Usain Bolt beats Justin Gatlin in World Championships 200m final

Bolt unleashed his signature 'Lightning Bolt' during his victory lap

Usain Bolt won the rematch and 200m gold as he ran a wonderful bend to once again leave rival Justin Gatlin chasing silver and fresh air.
On a sweaty, sticky night in the Bird's Nest, Bolt was out of the blocks quicker and opened up an unassailable lead over the first 100m before coming away down the straight and jabbing his thumbs at his chest as he crossed the line.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

BREAKING NEWS | 2 members of Virginia TV news crew shot dead during live broadcast

A gun man has just shot and killed two media members and wounded a third person on live television today, Wednesday 26th August 2015, while they were filming in central Virginia. The police are still hunting the assailant.

According to WHSV, the police were reportedly chasing the suspect on I-81. CNN reported earlier that cops had the license plate number of the alleged shooter.

The two people killed were identified by WDBJ colleagues as reporter Alison Parker, 24, and cameraman Adam Ward, 27.
A third person, who was being interviewed at the time of the shooting, was shot in the back and is in surgery, according to CNN. That person was identified as Vicki Gardner, head of the Smith Mountain Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce, by the Roanoke Times.

The shooting occurred at 6:45 a.m. at Bridgewater Plaza in Moneta, Va., according to Franklin County Sheriff Department spokesperson Phillip Young.

A federal law enforcement official told Fox News the FBI's 

Richmond field office had responded to the scene and was participating in the investigation. The ATF said on Twitter it was also assisting in the manhunt for the shooting suspect.

The shooting occurred live on television while Parker was conducting an interview outdoors about a planned anniversary celebration at Smith Mountain Lake, with Ward filming. When the camera panned to Parker and her subject, multiple shots rang out and several screams could be heard. As the camera fell to the ground, an blurry image suspected to be of the gunman came into view on the screen momentarily.

“We always say ‘senseless’ crime,” WDBJ President and General Manager Jeff Marks said on the station. “How can this individual have robbed Alison and Adam’s families of their lives and loves?”

More to come.


Fox News

Airtel Ghana names Rosy Fynn new Marketing Director

AirRosy Fynn,tel Ghana, multiple award winning telecommunication company has appointed its former Customer Experience Director, Rosy Fynn, as its new Marketing Director.
In her new role, Rosy will be responsible for translating the company’s business objectives into marketing strategies that drive revenue; lead all marketing activities, including brand strategy, research, advertising for multiple brands and bundling strategy. With the full portfolio of growing brands, she will be charged with managing and increasing awareness for the company’s portfolio while paving the way for future organizational expansion. Rosy will also spearhead Airtel’s efforts in competitive intelligence and customer retention and win-back.
In making the announcement, Lucy Quist said, “Rosy brings admirable years of extensive telecom marketing experience, making her more than qualified to handle the competitive challenges of our environment. Her experience in various roles with multiple operators gives her the unique ability to approach our complex marketplace from multiple perspectives to reach the best outcome.”
“Rosy’s diverse skill set enables her to bring a strategic vision and focus to Airtel Ghana. She is results- oriented and highly collaborative, which makes her a strong cultural fit.”She has brilliant industry know-how, and brings a wealth of digital and technology marketing expertise that will really help us continue to drive forward our ambitious global digital growth plans.We are delighted to confirm Rosy as Marketing Director at Airtel Ghana" she added.

Adom online

Student with syringe phobia struggles with visa renewal

20-year-old Indian expatriate student who suffers from a severe phobia of syringes used in medical tests is struggling to renew her UAE visa. As a result, she is unable to travel back to the US to continue her education.
Denise Fernandes and her mother, Romona, have been frantically looking for ways to get Denise’s visa renewed for the past six months — since the time the visa had expired — but have not been successful as yet, they told Gulf News.
Romona, a single parent to Denise, described the last six months of her life as “a complete mess” as her trips back and forth to different health centres in Dubai, the residency department and Rashid Hospital have not brought her any closer to a solution.
She explained the origins of her daughter’s condition. Ten years ago, she was witness to her grandfather struggle for his life with an E-coli infection following a blood test. “The whole experience was traumatic for me,” said Denise. “I have since associated hospitals and needles with transmitting infections and [this fear] has worsened with time.”

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Caitlyn Jenner 'could be charged with manslaughter' following fatal Malibu car crash

CAITLYN JENNER could be charged with manslaughter following a fatal car crash that she was involved in back in February, it's been revealed.

According to reports, Sheriff's investigators plan to recommend that prosecutors file a vehicular manslaughter charge against the former Olympian.

Friday, 21 August 2015

​Kelly Clarkson announces: "I'm totally pregnant"

Please click on image for more.

Kelly Clarkson is pregnant for a second time.

The 33-year-old singer divulged the news -- might we add unexpectedly -- Wednesday night while performing at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. "I'm totally pregnant," she told the crowd, adding, "We've told our family. Well, some of them, not all of them."
Clarkson started crying while singing "Piece By Piece," which apparently prompted her to blurt out the scoop.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Ciara opens up about being celibate with Russell Wilson

Ciara is candidly sharing about her relationship with boyfriend and Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. Their relationship attracted attention last month when the NFL star revealed during a Q&A session at San Diego's Rock Church that he and Ciara, who have been dating for over half a year, were trying to be celibate.
"It was one of those things where it was an organic conversation he was having. I don't think he expected to talk about it either, but I guess he's just speaking the reality of what is going on," Ciara said. "It was at church, and I think the cool thing is just that being able to share our journey with other people like us."
While they are Christians and believe in God, Ciara said their decision was also driven by the desire to get to know and love each other based on a "solid foundation."
"It's a great challenge, I can definitely say that, but it's awesome because we get to learn, we get to really challenge ourselves," Ciara said.
Ciara also opened up about her ex-fiancé, rapper Future, amid rumors that he's upset she's introduced their 1-year-old son to her new beau.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Entertainers we lost in 2015

Click on the image to read on all the celebrities that have passed away in 2015

Let us all observe a moment of silence for our dearly departed celebrities. Every single one of these people have left a lasting impression in our live. 

 Kristine Brown

"Let's start this career up&&moving OUT to TO YOU ALLLL quick shall we !?!???!" she said in an enthusiastic tweet.

Monday, 17 August 2015

People Are Desperate To See What Jennifer Aniston's Wedding Dress Looks Like

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux managed to pull off a super-secret wedding earlier this month. But rumours going around say that this photo of a woman in this dress is Jennifer.

Accoring to The Huffington Post, this is just a model in a wedding dress.

Sorry folks.

Kylie Jenner Is Launching Her First-Ever Lipstick Line This Fall

The 18-year old Kylie Jenner has today added a beauty buff to her list of accolades with Kylie's Lip Kit.

A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Kris Jenner Breaks Down in Front of Caitlyn Jenner, Feels Their Marriage Was Only a 'Distraction'

After the latest episode of I Am Cait which featured both Kim Kardashian and Khloé Kardashian, a very revealing promo aired giving us a sneak peek at what is to come this season. And the biggest moment? Kris Jenner
"You're sensitive and amazing to all these new people in your life, you're just not so sensitive and amazing to the family that you left behind," Kris admits in the above clip while fighting back tears. 
She then completely breaks down and says, "When you feel like you gave your whole life to somebody and the sum of it all was you were a distraction..." Caitlyn Jenner quickly interjects and defends herself by saying, "It was a distraction from the sense of who I was, it doesn't mean I didn't love you or the kids." 

Look out for more on I Am Cait which airs on Sundays at 8/7c only on E! 


Sunday, 16 August 2015

Europe migrant crisis: Dozens die in hold of Libya boat

At least 40 migrants have died in an overcrowded boat in the Mediterranean, the Italian navy has said.
Some 320 others were rescued when the vessel was intercepted off Libya.
The dead were found in the fishing boat's hold. It is thought they died after inhaling fumes from the engine, the rescue vessel's captain said.
European officials say the plight of migrants, almost 250,000 of whom have crossed by boat to the continent this year, is "beyond urgent".
So far this year, more than 2,000 migrants have died trying to cross the sea to Europe, the UN says.
The BBC's James Reynolds in Rome says it has become the world's most dangerous migrant journey.
Iranian migrant cries next to his son and wife moments after arriving on a Kos beach in a small, exhausted group that paddled a dinghy from Turkey 15/08/2015
Refugees and migrants continued to arrive on the Greek island of Kos - these Iranians had paddled a dinghy across from Turkey

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Govt was never serious with doctors – GMA explodes

The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) has asserted that the on-going strike was necessitated by government’s lack of seriousness during negotiations over members’ conditions of service.
The doctors also accused government of failing to properly mandate representatives capable of taking any decision on its behalf at negotiations table.
A press statement issued at the end of GMA’s 4th National Executive Council (NEC) in Koforidua yesterday, disclosed that the chairmanship position of the government team, for instance, was never stable as it kept changing from time to time.
“It must be said that it was only on the day that the roadmap as stipulated by the GMA was supposed to come into force that the government team showed some signs of seriousness with the negotiations. The GMA therefore had no option than to roll out the roadmap on the 29th of July 2015, when no COS (conditions of service) document had been negotiated and signed as was demanded by the General Assembly of the GMA.”
The statement signed by GMA President Dr. Kwabena Opoku-Adusei and General Secretary Dr. Frank Serebour bemoaned government’s resort to “propaganda and lies with the aim of turning/swaying public opinion against the doctors despite the fact that it was the government that had not shown good faith at the negotiation table.”
Government was also accused of releasing “several altered and fallacious documents” into the public domain to make it appear as if government was making concessions while the GMA was being recalcitrant.
The striking doctors have set an August 14, 2015 date to either to call off the two-week old strike or resign en masse.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Afghanistan: Suicide bomb near Kabul airport

Police in Afghanistan's capital say a suicide bomber has attacked a checkpoint near the entrance to Kabul's international airport.
A health ministry spokesman said seven civilians were injured in the blast, which happened shortly after midday local time (07:30 GMT).
Security officials at the scene said the attack appeared to target a convoy of armoured cars.
The incident is the latest in a series of recent deadly a

Sunday, 9 August 2015

How Ghanaian startups are making an impact on the global stage

“Startups are the seed corn of the future economy,” our partner Steve Case, co-founder of AOL and chairman of Case Foundation, often says.
Today, Silicon Valley is envy of the entrepreneurial world, but 50 years ago, Silicon Valley was apple orchards. Detroit, then the wealthiest city in the US in terms of median income because it was the centre of the half-century’s greatest innovation (the car) has now slipped to becoming the poorest major city in the US, because it stopped innovating.
As we’ve traveled from Kenya to Ghana, we’ve seen how planting seeds in an entrepreneurial ecosystem can really mature.
The first thing to know about the Ghanaian startup ecosystem is that the Ghanaian economy is itself a startup. The country only adopted capitalism in 1992, so only one generation has lived in a free-market society.
But the new next generation is fully embracing startups and the country is on the move.
We visited SMSGH, a ten-year-old startup employing dozens of people and powering mobile transactions across East Africa; DTRT, a manufacturing factory employing hundreds of people in great working conditions; nine exciting companies pitch in the ImpactHub Accra; followed by a very fun happy hour that felt more like a beach party than a networking session.
Nairobi vs Accra
If you simply compared first impressions from Nairobi and Accra, you might have thought the startup ecosystem was really rough around the edges here in Ghana. But to me, the Kenya to Ghana transition was encouraging.
Ghana today, seems not too far away from Kenya five years ago. Back then, Erik Hersman and his team were solidifying the iHub. About 20 investment groups that are now active in Kenya were not active then, and the entrepreneurial ecosystem was fragmented.
Based on the evidence of promise we saw in Ghana today, Accra can get there.
1. Local investment is impressive
We spent several days with local investors: the Oasis Fund, the African Angels Network, and Eric Osiakwan, who has a Steve Case-like reputation in Ghana as the startup champion in the country.
One of the more difficult conversations I had to have over the years in Kenya — where the ecosystem is thriving — is with local Kenyan investors. In Kenya, successful businesspeople do not invest in startups very often. It is difficult sometimes for me to justify why we invest internationally in Kenya when successful local entrepreneurs won’t do it.
Now, that is changing. And Julian Kyula of MODE, who partnered with us on the Pitch for Impact competition in Kenya is a great example — but in Ghana, successful business people have been investing in startups for quite a while.
As a few examples: the Oasis Fund has 40% of its limited partner base in-country; the Ghanaian angels’ network has over 25 locals who have done a deal in the last two years, and Eric Osiakwan walked us around SMSGH — one of his portfolio companies — as a bigger cheerleader than the CEO.
One Ghanaian said that local self-reliance, as a relatively closed economy, was an important trait for a very long time. And in Africa, when it comes to locals investing in the next generation, Ghana may well be leading the way.
2. Culture and policy both pose challenges and opportunities.
At the same time, Ghana still has a long way to go. Unlike Kenya, where entrepreneurship is encouraged, stepping out and starting your own company isn’t in Ghana.
Whether it’s cultural or whether it’s a vestige of a socialist system that didn’t reward the free market, one entrepreneur said: “In Ghana, everyone is afraid of getting too big.”
Policy and economic conditions are difficult too. Kwami, whose company, Moringa Connect, is a great agribusiness that mentioned how difficult startup investment was to raise for one major reason—bank interest rates are 28%, and it’s difficult even for an exceptional startup to outperform that.
Yet despite these challenges, Ghana has several local conditions that make it globally competitive. The factory we visited, DTRT, can employ hundreds of people in quality working conditions and sell to major US retailers because Ghana’s port is a free trade zone (a vestige of Ghana’s exports of coffee and other cash crops), and also has an agreement with the US to not impose tariffs on imports of the 48 poorest countries in Africa.
Ghana has the ability to create 1 million manufacturing jobs, estimated our leader at DTRT—thanks to policy that supports small manufacturing businesses.
Finally, while Ghanaian culture could be a challenge, its creativity and vibrancy also have major advantages. We had a breakfast with creatives from across Ghana, which is becoming a burgeoning fashion and entertainment industry. The talk was about An African City (Ghana’s Sex in the City equivalent), where the producer joined artists, fashion designers, and more to show off Ghana’s edge in cultural leadership.
3. Great assets can make Ghana globally relevant
Despite the challenges, at a spirited dinner, businesspeople and investors were bullish on Ghana’s prospects. In discussing the entrepreneurial potential of Africa, they settled on the KINGS (Kenya, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa) as the top five highest-potential entrepreneurial ecosystems, and Ghana ended up third.
How come? Ghana had strong assets that were exportable across Africa and the world: the most educated population in Sub-Saharan Africa, an English language background, relatively good infrastructure, a good and functioning port, and more.
In the Pitch for Accra competition, we saw these assets on display. Farmerline, which delivers information to farmers over mobile — helping them to increase their income through better understanding of crop prices and more—is off to a great start in Ghana and importing to East Africa.
Flippy Campus, a mobile solution that helps schools manage information (replacing paper noticeboards), is building on Ghana’s asset of having the best educational system in Sub-Saharan Africa.
And amazingly, Bitsoko, a blockchain-powered financial services solution, that has an early customer in a food market in Detroit — helping power the entrepreneurial revolution that is rebuilding a once-great American city.
African solutions are not just solving problems in Africa, but helping around the world.
4. Africa keeps going
The winner of Pitch for Accra was Yago Baatuolku, a wonderful leader whose company, Wanjo, produces juice sourced from 250 women farmers in Ghana. Ghana is one of the leading juice consumers worldwide, and if Ghanaians only drank juice produced in Ghana, they would send US$250-million a year to farmers. Currently, it’s only US$10-million.
Yago has a wonderful business but never felt like she was ready to pitch. When Sheila Herrling of the Case Foundation encouraged her to be “fearless” and pitch, though, she brought down the house, treated the happy hour to Wanjo juice, and took home a US$25, 000 investment.
“I’m so glad I decided to show up,” she said. In a culture that doesn’t always encourage entrepreneurs, showing up is critical.
We asked the CEO of SMSGH what advice he would give — 10 years in — to a Ghanaian entrepreneur starting out. He said “Just keep going.” He said that there would be a lot of social, cultural, and maybe even political pressure to slow down, not get too big, not get too visible, and a lot of unexpected bumps along the way. The only reason he was able to build a company was that he kept on going.
If Ghana just keeps going, and Africa just keeps going, we’ll see a transformed ecosystem and Ghana can move light years in the next five years. Who knows what we can see in the next 50 years.
Source: Ventureburn

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Mahama's comment angers doctors as mass resignation threats gather momentum


The unyielding stance by President John Mahama not to pay a dime beyond what has been budgeted for as wages, allowances and salaries for public sector workers has angered striking doctors and allied health service workers.
Deputy General Secretary of the Ghana Medical Association, Dr Justice Yankson has refused to comment on the president's latest remark except to say "I will respect my person and will not get into a banter with the president."
He would rather go into petty trading than be forced to return to the consulting room without acceptable conditions of service.
Addressing members of the Ghana Registered Midwives Association, GRWA at the launch of their 80th anniversary in Accra, president John Mahama said "Any agreements that are reached in respect of allowances or conditions of services would have to be appropriately captured in the budget.
"And I want to say for emphasis I will not authorize any expenditure on wages and compensation not provided for in the budget."
He does not want to break the spine of the Single Spine Salary Structure.
But the doctors are unfazed by the president's position on the matter. If anything, they are angry and have decided to carry through with their strike and possibly mass resignation.
Dr Justice Yankson told Joy News Matilda Wemegah they will withdraw emergency services on August 7, 2015 as they intensify a one-week strike action which has seen them withdraw OPD services.
They are preparing to resign en masse if their demands for conditions of service are not provided. In a move that will leave patients on bended knees, resident medical officers and house officers at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital have, after emergency meetings, today, given their full backing to the striking doctors.
They are also threatening to join the striking doctors.
The House officers normally handle minor cases in the absence of the doctors.
Meanwhile, labour expert Mohammed Affum has chided the president for the comment he made.
"If the posture of the president continues a lot of lives will be lost," he said on Joy FM's Top Story with Evans Mensah. 


Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Man BRUTALLY RAPES 14 years old house help

The husband of a police officer has been arrested for allegedly defiling his 14-year-old house help at Madina in Accra.
Alex Akrofi has been living alone with the girl for a year after his wife – who brought the class four pupil to the house to assist them in taking care of their two children – travelled out of the country.
The girl alleges that the man impregnated her and terminated the pregnancy.
The victim says the police officer forced himself on her on many occasions in her room, a situation that has left her with stomach complications.
“He slept with me in my room; he came in and started forcing me. When this happens I feel pain in my head and stomach”, she said.
Checks at the victim’s school indicate that she has on several occasions reported the case to her teachers including the fact that she had been impregnated.
When teachers at the school reported the issue to the Girl Child Education Department, the victim was told not washdown but rush to the nearest police station and report because that is the only time there can be enough evidence against the man.
The victim was also told to wear tight clothes when going to bed to prevent the man from gaining easy access to her, but this obviously did not deter the man from abusing her.
The victim told Joy News’ Joseph Opoku Gapko that she was compelled by Akrofi to swallow and insert pills into her vagina in order to terminate the pregnancy.
“My father gave me some medicine and asked me to drink one and insert the other two into my vagina”, she said.
The victim has been sent to a shelter for safety and police have begun investigations into the issue

Myjoyonline news.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Jennifer Garner surprises boy with cancer in heartwarming hospital visit

Jennifer Garner recently took some time off from her current movie project to boost the spirits of some patients at an Atlanta children's hospital.
Among those she met was 9-year-old Henry Shepherd, a big fan of the actress from her role in "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day." 



"We both recognized her right away," said his mom, Carrie Shepherd, a fan of Garner's since her days starring in the television series, "Alias." "She is just as down to earth as she is on camera. She is really sweet and really kind."
Garner posed for pictures with Henry and his twin sister, Liza, while stopping by last Sunday to visit patients and nurses at the Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Center of the Scottish Rite Hospital in Atlanta, where she has been filming her latest project, "Miracles from Heaven." She made her round of visits with Kylie Rogers, the young actress who plays her daughter in the movie. 

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Baby Operated on While Still in Womb

Picture from


Children have always been a beautiful gift from God.

This baby's life was sparred with the aid of a pioneering operation carried out when she was still in her mother's womb.

Michelle Cannon had been advised to have an abortion after receiving the devastating news that her unborn daughter had a rare and usually deadly condition. Fluid was building up in the baby's chest and crushing her lungs, but at 22 weeks she was too premature to be delivered.