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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Does the Size of a Handbag Really Matter?

Sometimes I overhear men ask women different questions with relation to their bags, what they have in them and why the size. Some of these men usually try to take peeks into the women’s bags to see for themselves what they actually contain. Today, I chose to ponder over this infamous question and I asked myself,
"Why do they ask?"
But answering for myself, I think big is good! Asking around, most young women said, the bigger, the better. Others said they preferred them smaller. However, for those who chose bigger over smaller ones, the most common reason was that, they liked to have all that they needed, no matter where they were. They also expressed the thought that their fellow women who like smaller bags are just being lazy. The ladies who like their bags smaller also feel their colleagues with ‘the bigger perspective’ are just ‘show-offs’ and believe there’s no need to bear such a weight on a regular basis.
Looking at the times we are in, I think I agree with Greg Hall [a blogger and an author], who said “The lifestyle you lead will probably define the size of the handbag that you carry.” Considering the modern day woman, there is a very likely list of the average things she might have in her bag. This is the list that I saw a colleague at work use, while he searched a woman’s bag: (1) Make up bag (2) A purse for her money (3) A little notepad for God knows what (4) A journal (5) A purse for cards such as atm cards, ID cards, savings books, etc. (6) Perfume (7) Sanitizers (8) Body lotion for dry weather (9) Hand and nail lotions (10) Facial wipes. This is just the average, since what you carry is proportional to your career. Nevertheless, the question that should be asked, is whether you own the correct handbag size that is right for you. If you choose to surprise today’s teenage woman with a bag, her opinions are the best. Sticking to your own judgement might prove useless, considering you may not know the television channels she watches or the magazines she reads...
In favour of the small – bag – lovers, some like them extremely small, that as small as the mini shoulder bag or even smaller. With such sizes, they can go every from the beach to the restaurant, to the club as well as to church and back. The confusing thing about these undersized bags is that they look great with any outfit, but in spite of everything, these cute yet miniature bags can barely carry a mobile phone let alone hold other feminine accessories or even a wallet.
Some women and men alike, think the size of the bag should correlate with the height of the person carrying the bag. In other words, the more petite women should stick to small bags while the taller women can indulge themselves with as many big bags as they want. Well, I do not know about the size versus the height. In any case, one thing we should digest is the fact that this is all an element of fashion. Therefore, instead of arguing with someone over the size of her bag, consider suggesting other options of bag size rather than forcing opinions on them. Most women celebrate their womanhood in a vast number of ways. To some it’s in the type of makeup and the dresses they put on... and to others, it’s all in the bag. Therefore, they make it a point to have the right size for themselves, and I think you should too!


  1. Hey, I stumbled across your other blogs, but for some reason there is no follow button for this one, so you need to add one. I love handbags, and even though I am very petite, I still wear a big hobo from time to time, but I have plenty of smaller bags as well! Great post! xx Pip

    1. Thanks Pip! I took your advice and I have put the follow button... Thanks for watching my back!

  2. I do believe it's related to your lifestyle. I do put on make-up but I'm not a fan of re-applying so I never have more than a lip balm with me.I usually go for small purses to hold my camera, cards, mobile and keys. Sometimes, I find that the pockets of my jacket work well enough so I just go out bagless :D

    1. Hi Eva,
      Its nice to know that your jacket pockets work well enough that you don't need bags. Personally,I can't go anywhere bags!

      Thanks for commenting.