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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Unedited | Jordan Ayew's temporary retirement letter

Unedited: Jordan Ayew's temporary retirement letter
Jordan Ayew

Following the unexpected resignation of brothers, Jordan and Dede Ayew, the following unedited letter was published by GhanaWeb.

The following is the letter:

I write to formally communicate to you my decision to withdraw my services from the senior national team, the Black Stars.  temporarily. The reasons for my decision, although personal, I believe, I would eventually inure to the benefit of the Black Stars, the reason being that in this period of my temporary absence, I intend not only to work hard in my club as a young player so I can obtain the quality, experience and stature necessary for a call up to play in the national team, but also ensure that my membership of the national team when I soon come out of my temporary resignation endures in a more secure manner so as to avoid the situation where I am unsure as to when my services are required for the national team.

The point I have just made is  vindicated by the fact that although on every occasion that I have had the opportunity to play for my nation I have played to the best of my ability and served my nation with commitment, it appears that my efforts have not impressed the management team of the senior national team. The reason is that in the position for which my services are required for the national team, I have been ranked way behind several players as not to merit a place in the team on occasions when it mattered. My observation comes against the backdrop of the fact that I was considered not good enough to play for the national team even at a time when my club believed I was doing very well and honoured with player of the month for my club.

In this regard, I have decided that I need to work harder especially in my club in the hope that I can convince the management team of the Black Stars in the very near future by the grace of the Almighty that my efforts merit a place in the national team, not just occasionally or sporadically but more permanently in so far as I still actively play football.

I wish my colleagues in the team all the best and hereby affirm my commitment to my beloved country the Republic of Ghana and pledge to always faithfully and dutifully serve the nation to the best of my ability when I return. I also assure the fans of my love for them and affirm to them that I am as always committed to all matters involving the national team.

Thank you


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