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Monday, 21 October 2013

Lady GaGa's New Single is Trending with this Hashtag #DoWhatUWantWithMyBody

I went on twitter this morning and saw that #DoWhatUWantWithMyBody was trending. I was wide-eyed and thought it was another of those porn inspired trends. Curiosity drove me to click it. With a glad surprise, I realized it was a Lady Gaga song. I used to be a fan but fell off the band wagon though I still enjoy one or two of her songs. 

"Do What U Want" is a collaboration with R & B Star R. Kelly. 

The cover of the single features a shot of Lady Gaga's 'backside' and the lyrics are supposedly aimed at negative comments directed at Lady Gaga about her image and body. 

In a series of tweets leading to the release of the single, Gaga dropped hints about the inspiration behind the lyrics of this song.

 The song was released at midnight on 20th October. Take a listen...

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