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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Heidi Klum As A Grandma | Discover How Far You can go For Halloween

The 40-year-old German stunner completely transformed herself for the big event, with ultra-realistic age spots on her body and raised varicose veins running up her famously long legs. Gone were her trademark blonde tresses; in their place was a stringy, white wig.

It's amazing the things people do for Halloween. First and foremost, I'm sure nobody could stop staring at Heidi Klum 's Halloween costume.

Klum's face was unrecognizable, too. Her normally taut skin appeared to sag, and there were wrinkles all over her forehead, chin, and neck. She wore a pearl necklace, printed top, and a houndstooth suit, and she had a black cane to help her walk. 

Elaborate, jaw-dropping costumes are the supermodel's trademark. In the past, she has transformed herself into Cleopatra (2012), an ape (2011), an alien robot (2010), a black crow (2009), and a Hindu goddess (2008). Speaking about her penchant for killer Halloween getups in an interview with Parade earlier this month, the stunning supermodel said she puts a lot of thought into every costume.

The old lady make-up! The perfectly white hair! The fake varicose veins! It's absolutely incredible. The supermodel was willing to look like the opposite of her typical self. 
According to the America's Got Talent judge's style of dress, this old lady lives on the Upper East Side, Regularly expect the ballet and vacations in the south of France. Look at that Chanel-inspired tweed skirt and perfect paisley tank, they're in the season's hottest colors! And to top it all off, she Has the strings of pearls, just like a refined retired Would woman.
If this is any indication of what we can expect from Heidi Klum in 40 years, we look forward to covering it.

For the Sneak Peek Photos of Heidi's Transformation, click HERE to discover the undiscovered. I think it was amazing!

Heidi says, "I start thinking of ideas months before Halloween, and I have an amazing team who makes the impossible possible," she told the mag. "I don't really have a system for picking my costume each year, they just kind of come to me. It's definitely not a last-minute decision. It takes months of preparation."

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