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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Africa Fashion Week London 2012 Comes Alive!

The Fashion Designers of Africa have done it again. They have have recently beegan to score high marks in a trade that used to be dorminated by their Europian and America counterparts, include other giant territories. It never used to be the case... But now the African's have become masters of the trade.

In today's fashion shows,  an incomplete mark is hung over the event, unless an Africa touch is felt. Even in the absence of African designers, there will definitely be an African print in some Top designers' collection.

All year, the opportunities to attend such high-class shows are gradually becoming easily accessible to Africa's fashion designers. This has been put in place to help the fashion industry in Africa and gives them a very rare access to a network of other Top designers in the business, not to mention the fame that they will receive globally.
The Africa Fashion Week is one of such shows and has brought together the spice of African fashion designers to London. Held this month, the Africa Fashion Week London 2012 brought together a crack core of who rules the fashion and design world in the continent and beyond. The venue, Spitalfields Market in Central London, has been the place to be so far this month. In their numbers, they came, saw and conquered a dream that just took off in August last year. The reviews have been great; and almost every designer, young and old who took part have had their fair share of fame and glory. With some 50 designers and some 100 models on show, the event lived up to its hype, delivering a class-act piece that has already set the tone for how next year’s event will look like.

During the two-day period, The Spitalfields saw the likes of 10,000 different people who came to witness a unique ambience for rich display of Fashion, Art, Music and Food. Designers Green Mamba, Uber Africa Collective, Kemunto Collection, Keto Couture, Afro Fanatic, Remi Lagos Collection, Rouch By Ronke, Adebayo Jones, Adaora’s Collections, Ella and Gabby among other big names proved their worth, and succeeded in getting almost everybody interested in what the ideals of the AFWL stand for, to come along pretty well.

“We are absolutely delighted to attract the support of such established names in the industry as well as emerging designers. Africa Fashion Week not only provides a platform form African and African-inspired designers but also one that brings together established and emerging talents,” 

  ~ Ronke Ademiluyi, founder and CEO of Africa Fashion Week London

The show was attended by thousands of fashion enthusiasts. This year, as part of growing the event, market stalls representing the various African cultures, were opened to the public, who had a jolly time scanning through some of the best details available for sale.

The Africa Fashion Week London (AFWL) is a “collaborative fashion exhibition, highlighting the industry’s premier African prints and designers”. It aims to be the single, biggest African event in the UK, as well as the premier fashion week for African and black inspired fashion from all over the world.

The AFWL “is at the fore front of capturing the surge of the African inspired trends in the fashion industry,” and is “open to designers of all nationalities, who are inspired by Africa in their designs”.

“This fashion week is not just open to African designers but any designers that feel they have a twist of Africa in their designs or consider they have something to offer to Africa.” 

~ the Organizers, AFWL.

The organizers say the two day event “celebrates the work of African inspired designers in the United Kingdom, and also dedicates its efforts to promoting and supporting inspiring talents”.
It is touted to be the UK's biggest Fashion Week outside of the mainstream London Fashion Weeks.

It features Catwalk shows and an exhibition that is attended by designers, high street stores, buyers/stockist and press from all over the world. The AFWL is open to all members of the public. The maiden edition attracted some 4,700 visitors, and featured over 54 designers.

"This is a great opportunity for Africans!"

Obed Boafo, MSN Africa


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