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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Filing Past the Body of the Late President Mills


The Filing past of the body of the late President Mills begun a few hours ago with dignitaries taking turns to do so.Writings as a Ghanaian girl, it saddens my heart just to remember that such an honourable man has pasted on.
Here are the names of a few dignitaries that filed past the body of the late President as at 11:25 this morning.

 11:25 Attorney-General Benjamin Kunbuor and members of the clergy filing past the body.

11:22 Kofi Awoonor, Chairman of the Council of State just took his turn. Followed by Ato Ahwoi, Alhaji Mahama Iddrisu, Arnold Quainoo.

11:21 Naadu Mills is sitting with the family and receiving greetings.

11:20 Mrs Mary-Grant, Chief Justice Wood, Sheikh IC Quaye have just filed past the body.

11:19 House Speaker Bamford-Addo and Deputy Speaker have just filed past the body.

11:17 President Mahama and his vice are leaving the grounds.

11:15 Vice President Amissah-arthur has just filed past the body. He is shaking hands with family members of the late president.

11:13 Naadu Mills is standing at the foot of the body of her late husband.

11:13 President Mahama has just finished filing past the body of his late boss. He is shaking hands with family members.

11:12 President filing past the body.

11:12 Former First Lady, Naadu Mills following the president.

11:11 President John Mahama preparing to start the filing past the body. He is making his way into the Banquet Hall.

Family relations have gone in to perform some rituals.

Rev. Fred Degbe: It really is a sad day. Condolences to all Ghanaians. When we look beyond politics, we see a man with great qualities. He left us unprepared. He didn't belong in politics but he showed us that we can be gentle even as politicians.

It has suddenly dawned on us that this is real. The man is gone. Ministers are crying; everybody is crying.

Rev Sam Korankye Ankrah: The clergy committed the body in the hands of God before the filing past.

9:52 Religious leaders praying with hands on the casket. Prayers over.
Security personnel placing the casket properly for filing past.

9:48 Sammy Darko reports there is weeping all over the State House. Ministers of state are shedding tears, to crown the sadness morning in the nation.

9:40 Door to Banquet Hall has been opened and the casket draped in a huge Ghana flag is being carried inside. Casket appears too heavy for military officers who struggled to carry it.

9:38 Casket has been removed from the hearse whilst traditional leaders perform rituals. Traditional leaders from his family leading the procession.

9:35 Hearse just arrived at the main door to the Banquet Hall at the State House. Security officers open door of the hearse to take out the body. Religious leaders ready to take possession of the body from security officers. Minister weeping as fontonfrom displays.

9:29 Communications Director at the Presidency, Koku Anyidoho, and other loyalists of the late president are walking by the hearse.

9:25 Cortege is moving slowly as crowd eagerly wait. Hearse pulling up in front of the State House.

9:24 Cortege has just arrived at the State House.

9:21 Police have stopped people from moving. A very old lady who fell to the ground in tears has been carried out of the venue.

9:19 Cortege arriving at the State House. Nobody will be allowed to touch the hearse as it arrives.

9:17 IGP just arrived as well as lots of other senior security chiefs.

Religious leaders will receive the cortege when it arrives at the State House. It will be sent to the main chamber for final traditional rites before it will be brought to the Banquet Hall for the dignitaries to file past it.

9:04 Hearse is leaving the Castle to the State House for the filing past to begin. Castle Security escort hearse to pay their last respects.

9:03 Son of president Mills just touched the casket, crying.

9:01 They are mounting the guard of honour.

9:00 They are singing a hymn (Till we meet again) amidst sobs.

8:59 Prayers over.

8:58 They recite the Lord's Prayer.


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