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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Introducing the "One Good g+ Deserves Another" Campaign powered by The Dexter's Lab Project

As part of their plans for 2014, The DX Lab Foundation wants to make a difference by running the "One Good g+ Deserves Another" craze is on.

With support from Zoharous on etsy, their campaign aims at raising awareness towards the need for the introduction of mobile science labs into schools in third world countries. This act is meant to serve as an appeal to the senses and imaginations of kids in these countries. They will find it easier to grasp the "seemingly" complex and abstract concepts of science.

In the end, we'll help influence their choices for higher education and then we can raise a greater number of amazing scientists, awesome doctors, great engineers, and cool teachers... of course, towards the development of the nation.

Sounds laudable... What do you think???
Would you join the Craze!?!

g+ this post and let's help spread the word.

Don't forget to check out the campaign on indiegogo

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