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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Galamsey operators impregnate school girls at Gomoa Ajumako

"They came to mine but now they have decided to exploit the women instead..." 

A Galamsey is a local artisanal gold miner

Some galamsey operators have impregnated about seven school girls in the Gomoa Ajumako Township of Ghana and this has led to serious concerns among the teachers in the area. Some of these teachers spoke to Adom TV  but the prefer to remain anonymous and their main worry was with the attitude of most parents who failed to provide the  needs of their wards.  This  is what they believe  has driven these young girls to fend for themselves by depending on the galamsey operators .

According to one of the teachers, some of the parents are aware of the affairs of the daughters and to an extent, these parents have not only expressed their interest but have also  offered to support the girls probably hoping to gain financially.

Another teacher said she had five pupils  who were already pregnant... two in Classes 5 and 6; with five others in the Junior High School. This makes it a total of ten. Together, the teachers believe that this trend is affecting teaching and learning and that even when the bold and courageous ones return to the classroom, they are unable to function as they used to prior to their pregnancy and delivery. 

They have reported this to the authorities to prosecute those galamsey men who impregnate the young girls. A gentleman described the situation as chronic adding that in one instance a man impregnated three young girls.

Courtesy: myjoyonline

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