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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Woman's Nose Bitten Off After Husband Says He Loves Her.

Lynne After Surgery

Lynne Gough, who was in a violent relationship, told the world how her husband, Nick, punched her in the face for half an hour until it was numb that when he bit her, she didn't realise that her nose had actually been bitten off.

She was married to him for 24 years and had six children for him but the violence drove her into the arms of Chris, who later died of a sudden heart attack. Lynne took Nick back after he begs her only to disfigure her face.

'I found work in a care home and after a few years became a manager. He hated the fact that I had freedom. He wanted me at home the whole time,' Lynne says.

'He would wait for me at the front door and accuse me of having affairs with people at work.'
Lynne says the jealousy began in earnest when she had her first child with Nick. 

'Even in the hospital on the day our baby was born he accused me of having affair with one of the members of staff. Then after that it was anyone. If I went shopping it was someone I'd meet on the street, or people at the children's school. He'd even question me if my underwear matched. When we were young and in love I thought it was flattering. But when I went out to work it got worse. Neither of us had any friends,' she says.  

'I wasn't allowed to socialize. One day at the pub a man kissed me on the cheek. Nick accused me of having an affair with him, even though we'd only met half an hour earlier. That night when we got home, he started drinking more and got really aggressive and abusive.'

Shockingly, Lynne reveals that Nick would subject her to what he called 'Chinese Water Torture' at nights - splashing water on her face and straddling her, holding her eyes open - in an attempt to force her to admit to affairs. After all that, she still could not leave him because she loved him.

'The day he attacked me would have been Chris's 47th birthday, so I was obviously emotional, but I carried on as usual. I called Nick at work, told him I loved him and told him what we'd have for tea. He noticed when he came home that I'd been crying and didn't want to tell him, but he persisted until I admitted it would have been Chris's birthday. I could see a change in his eyes. He wasn't happy at all. I took the dog for a walk to try to calm the situation down. When I came back I went out into the back garden. He came out and that's when he started to attack me,' she says. 

Lynne, who has now had her face fully rebuilt, said the doctors worked miracles with reconstructive surgery.

'The first time it didn't work and had to be taken back off, but now it's reattached and works normally - I can still smell.'

"Thank God she survived... what an experience..."

Story by Deborah Arthurs, dailymail

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