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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Male Model throttled his Thai girlfriend after Killing Kittens swingers party in row over her having sex with another man in toilet cubicle

Patrick Ribbsaeter [model], 32, is being accused of repeatedly beating and choking his Thai girlfriend, Wachiraporn Sara-pod, 29, until she almost lost consciousness. 

They both attended a'Killing Kittens' sex party at a restaurant in Leicester Square, London. A few hours into the party, the people at the party started having sex openly. But instead of being happy to share his lover with others, Ribbsaeter allegedly flew into a jealous rage when he caught her in the toilet with a fellow party goer.

Sara-pod insisted she was only taking drugs with the male friend when he burst in. She said she was tipsy and took two lines of cocaine. Instead of listening to her, Patrick grabbed her, took her out and went to a different nightspot [British Luxury Club], leaving her following him. He refused to speak to her and left with his friend, Dheeraj Harjani. At 6.30pm, he agreed to meet her by her Land Rover Discovery in a car park. 

When she arrived, he struck her across the face, knocking her to the ground and again as she sat on the ground. A passer-by asked why he was hitting her right before he punched Patrick in the face, also knocking him to the ground.

Ribbsaeter drove her towards his Streatham home, South London and continuously asked if she had sex with the man. While she said no to the question, he hit her and told her that until she told him the truth, he would continue to hit her. Then he grabbed my hair and hit my head on the console. He kept hitting me so many time that I tried to open the car door to jump out. She said Ribbsaeter stopped the car on their way home, and asked her if she wanted to have sex on the back seat and thinking it would calm him down, she agreed. But after having sex, he punched her face and put his hands around her throat. "I was bleeding" she said and added that "the assault only stopped when she was losing consciousness." 

According to the Old Bailey, Patrick punched her so many times on their drive home that she could barely see out of her swollen face. She eventually fled wearing nothing but a fur coat to a garage and a mechanic called the police at 10.14am.

Ribbsaeter's friend, Mr Harjani said at the court that he had helped to search for his girlfriend at the sex party and saw the Miss Sara-pod slumped on the toilet seat with the guy having sex with her. 'He was half naked,' he added. Now, Ribbsaeter denies causing grievous bodily harm but the case continues.

"Wow, I wonder how it would all feel to have such a violent boyfriend. What do you think?"


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