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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Gustav Klimt honoured with Google Doodle

Join Google, Gustav Klimt  and myself as we celebrate the 150th birthday of Gustav Klimt with the rest of the world.
Australian artist, Gustav Klimt's Google Doodle.
The Austrian artist, born in 1862, displayed a fascination with eroticism and led the Secession movement. As a symbolist painter, his work caused a lot of controversy for its celebration of sexuality. Today, Gustav's pieces are counted among the most expensive artworks worldwide.

Klimt was the son of a gold engraver. In his later years, he became known for his gold leaf on his works, which he produced after he was trained at Vienna's School of Applied Art. 

The Secession movement was a group of Viennese artists who challenged the rigidity of traditional Austrian paintings, and he emerged as a master musketeer for this group. His leadership made him the only artist to do an extensive, authorized productions of his own work.

In 1903, he was forced to remove Hope 1, a painting of a naked pregnant woman from the retrospective exhibition of the Secession movement. So far, his most famous painting is The Kiss (1907-08), which reflected his fascination with eroticism.

This father of 14 illegitimate children, died from a stroke after contracting the Spanish flu during the 1918 pandemic.

In 2010, a Vienna art museum invited a sex club to hold orgies and display related paraphernalia in the Secession Building, home to Klimt's Beethoven Frieze, his most ambitious surviving work.

"As for me, I can't wait to get honored with a Google Doodle but I wonder what to do to qualify?"



  1. This painting of Klimt's is so famous, more than some of his other works. And I noticed google's use of it too.

    Thanks for visiting my Passionate Fiction, pleased you enjoyed my poetry. :))

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