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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Newest Celebrity: Dancer who Captivated The World in the Olympics Opening Ceremony

Rising star: Jasmine Breinburg has been a hot topic on Twitter following her performance in the Opening Ceremony
Jasmine Breinburg
18-year old Brit School student, Jasmine Breinburg is the young dancer who dazzled the world while playing the leading lady at the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony.

In an effort to make their joys known, viewers of the show have turned to twitter to single out the dancer for her show-stopping performance. She ushered the show into the digital age and out of the industrialization segment.

As a tribute to the British scientist and inventer, Tim Berners-Lee, Jasmine played the part of a girl [called June] who had misplaced her phone during her late night outing. However, June was rescued by a young man [Frankie] who spotted her and picked up her lost mobile phone. He was determined to find her and return her phone, which he did. Their love triumphed and they crowned the act with a kiss. The music in the show was a clear walk throughout the last 40 years.

That scene: Jasmine Breinburg shares a moment with a fellow volunteer as part of their segment, Frankie and June say thanks Tim
June and Frankie having a moment

Some of the tweets found include: 

One Twitter user is clearly an admirer of the 18-year-old volunteer who impressed on Friday night

Another fan posts his thoughts on the youngster

Digital age: Her performance was meant to represent the moves made in technology in the last few years
The performance in the show was to represent the moves made in
technology during the past years - Digital Age

The scale of the show, watched by an estimated billion people worldwide, was clearly starting to hit home for Jasmine last night however. She said: 'It was amazing, that's an understatement, it was absolutely crazy.

Story by David Baker, Daily Mail

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