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Monday, 9 July 2012

Head-Teacher Super-sizes School Classes and Believes its the Best!

This looks fine... Honestly! However, consider the fact that this is a picture of an over-sized class and think again. The Headteacher of Bure Valley Junior School in Aylsham, Norfolk, Mr. John Starling, said that larger classes improve the progress of younger children. 

Product of head teacher, Mr Starling... Super-sized classes.
He revealed this discovery two years ago after he had grouped the youngest pupils of his school into a class of 70 and now he has decided to teach the entire school in the same way. He grouped his year three children into a class of 70 and his year four children into a class of 60. These classes have two teachers and two teaching assistants on hand - with the year three class also having an extra teacher to help.

The pupils books in a pile
Starling said today that the scheme was a success, and he is now grouping the older years in a similar way.

Since Starling introduced the ‘super-size’ classes, the school has received positive Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) inspections. In November 2010, the school was rated ‘good’  with some areas ‘outstanding.’

The report said the way the classroom sizes had been ‘super-sized’ had been "instrumental" in improving the quality of education.

Would you be happy to see your child taught in ‘super-sized’ classroom?

Story by Sophia Moir - Head Teacher Super-Sizes School Classes

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